Viewing Fees and Building Levies

Viewing Fees and Building Levies

Before any building work can begin, an owner is required to pay to the Company a building levy which is a pre-condition of the Company’s consent. The purpose of the building levy is to protect the estate’s roads and verges from damage caused by contractors and their vehicles and to assure compliance with the conditions of the consent. For larger developments, an element of the building levy is retained as a contribution to general road damage caused by lorries.

When the Company issues its formal consent to the development, the consent letter will also provide the conditions and requirements related to building operations which a builder will need to comply with during the development. The owner should keep the formal consent letter for future reference and he or she will need to provide it to any future purchasers of the property.

Once building work has been completed, the owner should notify the Company. A Company Director will inspect the surrounding roads and verges. If no damage has been caused or if damage has been rectified to the satisfaction of the Company, the refundable portion of the building levy will be returned to the owner less any fees for non-compliance that may have been assessed. If on inspection there is damage, a suitable amount will be deducted from any refund to pay for the repair of the damage. Applications for a refund must be made within three years of the date of the approval letter and within six months of the work being completed. After these dates, any deposit balances are forfeited.

INSERT FOR HANDBOOK – Effective 01 April 2018

Viewing Fees and Building Levies – Amendment to Section 15 (page 15) of 2013 Members Handbook

CategoryMP58 Viewing FeeMP58 Building LevyAmount refundable upon satisfactory Completion of Works
See Note 7
Additional Fees During Works
See Note 6
Pre-Planning Applications£ 100.00Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Small Works

(See Note 1)
£ 150.00£ 1,000.00£ 750.00£100.00 per day
Extensions & Partial Demolitions

(See Note 2)
£ 200.00£ 2,500.00£ 750.00£100.00 per day
Major Demolitions
& Rebuilds

(See Note 3)
£ 350.00£7,500.00£2,000.00£100.00 per day
Developments including a Basement
of up to 50 Sq.m

(See Note 4)
£ 450.00£ 11,000.00£ 2,000.00£100.00 per day
Development of Basement over 50 Sq.m
for each additional 10 Sq.m of floor created.
£ 1,500.00Nil
Developments Outside the Standard Categories

(See Note 5)
To Be Advised
per Individual Case
to be advisedTo Be Advised
per Individual Case
£100.00 per hour
for Planning Consultant

Note 1 –  Small Works   –  for example; driveway modifications, installation of roof windows, solar panels, air conditioning and porches/conservatories. It should be noted that such small works may be subject to formal planning approval by Three Rivers District Council. Where Planning approval is required, a minimum viewing fee of £200 will be payable. .

Note 2 –  Extensions and Partial Demolition   these include the majority of applications on the Estate which may involve either excavating and extending the existing footprint by up to 20% and/or the removal of or alterations up to 20% of the existing buildings.

Note 3 –  Major demolitions or rebuilds these developments involve the removal of a significant amount of building rubble with the associated heavy vehicle traffic shortening the life of the Estate roads.

Note 4 –  Developments that include basements  these developments involve the removal of large amounts of excavated spoil, causing the highest level of heavy traffic movement which contributes to the greatest amount of additional damage to the roads and verges on the Estate. The larger the Basement, the greater the road damage

Note 5 –  Developments outside Standard Categories  these are developments that occur from time to time that do not fit into the norms for particular categories through generating an unusual level of heavy vehicle traffic, or sit in a grey area between categories. For these developments, the Company reserves the right to apply a commensurate building levy.

Note 6 – Additional fees during works   these relate to breaches of the terms of consent including working beyond the designated working hours (week days 8.00am to 5.30 pm., Saturdays 9.00am to 1.00pm), depositing materials on the verge or road without prior permission and excess parking of contractor vehicles. Full details of the basis for Additional Fees will be set out in the formal consent letter issued by the Company.

Note 7 – Amount Refundable on Certified Completion of the Works – No amounts will be refundable if the works have not been concluded within a period of 18 months from commencement of the Works.

Updated March 22 2018