The Company believes that its trees play a major role in guaranteeing the verdant environment of the Estate. To assist the Company in this duty it engages the assistance of external tree arboriculture and landscape specialists.

A report was commissioned and delivered by Tim Moya Associates on the long-term strategy required for the protection and treatment of trees on the Estate to restore the trees to high standards of aesthetics and safety and to maintain these standards for the benefit of Members.

The report provides a background to the role of trees on the Estate and describes the existing tree stock. An appendix provides a road-by-road analysis of the current state of the trees and provides recommendations for future maintenance and planting policy.

This report included a tree-by-tree survey which indicated that urgent work for safety reasons was required on a significant number of trees. In addition, recommendations were received for a systematic programme of maintenance on a five-year cycle.

The Company accepted these recommendations and the emergency work, together with the most pressing maintenance requirements, was carried out. The tree survey in simplified form will be repeated annually: this will prompt specific activity and provide information for the year-to-year maintenance programme.

Regrettably, on occasions mature trees become unsafe due to disease or other reasons and need to be felled. The Company’s policy is to replant with a similar species in line with the strategy for that road as soon as possible after felling. Over the long term, when funds become available, the Company will consider the strategy recommendations to remove the cherry tree trees which have been planted largely in the south-east part of the Estate and replace these with larger species which feature elsewhere.

In recent years, horse chestnut trees (particularly on Sandy Lodge Road) have been affected by Leaf Miner disease. The Company has had these trees sprayed to keep the disease at bay.

Updated Sepetember 2018