The Green Belt

The-Green-BeltMoor Park is tightly enveloped by land designated as Green Belt with parts of the estate within the Green Belt itself, including Temple Gardens, Askew Road, Sandy Lodge Lane and the Dell, the land and buildings at Northwood Preparatory School and Merchant Taylors’ School and the Moor Park and Sandy Lodge golf courses.

The application of Green Belt policy by Three Rivers District Council means that the ‘green belt buffer’ and the ‘attractive setting’ in and around Moor Park has been broadly maintained. The Company is supportive of the rigorous application of Green Belt policy to protect and preserve the attractive open and green setting within which the estate sits. Residents with properties in the Green Belt area who are considering property development should note that the Company will expect full observation of the overriding principles and purposes set out in national and local Green Belt policies and will strongly urge the local planning authorities and/or planning inspectors to follow the same policy.

Proposals for extensions and alterations to a building or a replacement building should not be disproportionate additions over and above the size of the original buildings. This is designed to prevent the incremental increase in the size of a building or dwelling every few years which, if left unchecked, would result in material and demonstrable harm to the open appearance of the Green Belt in the vicinity of Moor Park estate. Planning applications therefore need to identify the size of the original plot and buildings when seeking approval.