Security and Traffic

Security within Moor Park is primarily the responsibility of Hertfordshire Police. Moor Park (1958) Limited provides additional security with the employment of contracted security officers. Residents are responsible for the security and safeguarding of their property and possessions by various means of their own choosing.  Residents are advised to inform the police, the security officers and the Company office staff if they observe any suspicious activities.

The Company’s contracted security officers operate within an assignment schedule which requires them to patrol by car the whole of Moor Park on a regular basis. The car is clearly marked with the Company’s identification logo.  As well as patrols, the security officers’ duties include traffic control, the regulation of parking, and the scrutiny of building sites across the Estate. In addition, they respond to requests for assistance from residents when concerns are raised about suspicious or irresponsible activities.

Parking is regulated by means of Moor Park’s vehicle emblem system.  Vehicles not displaying green or other coloured emblems indicating their authorised presence are stopped and the drivers questioned on the purpose of their visit.  Prominent signs on Moor Park’s roads display information indicating where residents and non-residents may park.

A camera system is used at all entrances to Moor Park to check on vehicles entering and leaving the Estate. The cameras use number plate recognition (ANPR) capability to record a vehicle’s average speed.  There is a speed limit of 20mph on the private roads within the Estate.

The Company works closely with local police and responds to information and suggestions provided by the Safer Neighbourhood Scheme and the OWL Messaging Service. Regular meetings are held with the Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who survey and operate across Moor Park and Eastbury. The police recommend residents to use the contact number 101 if the problem is non-urgent but in emergencies people should phone 999.

June 2019