Roads & Access Control

There are about 6.5 miles of road in Moor Park and most of these roads are ‘private’ in that they are the property of the Company and vehicles have limited rights of access.

The exceptions are Astons Road and the upper section of Main Avenue (west of Wolsey Road) which are public roads maintained by Hertfordshire Highways.

There is a speed limit of 20mph on all the private roads of the Estate. Please drive considerately both for the safety of  fellow residents and to reduce noise intrusion.

There is no general right of public access over the private roads. However, visitors to the Estate may use any of the Estate roads to gain access to a residential property or to visit one of the businesses on Lower Main Avenue or the Underground station. There are also specific access rights relating to the two schools and Sandy Lodge Golf Club. In all cases these access rights are defined in the deeds or agreements with the particular organisations.

Some traffic seeks to use the Estate as unauthorised interlopers for travelling between Tolpits Lane, Hampermill Lane (Watford Road) or Batchworth Lane. The Company has security cameras at all Estate entrances; these have cameras and speed monitoring functions which enable the security guards to identify and stop vehicles that have been driven across the Estate without any legitimate business.

The upkeep of the private roads is one of the largest items in the Company’s budget. Estate roads were built to a lower standard than major highways and heavy lorries cause severe damage which has to be rectified as part of the programme of road maintenance.

If you notice any particular problems with Estate roads, please advise the Estate Manager at 01923 835535 or by email to who can ensure that appropriate maintenance is scheduled. The Estate Manager will also report defects to Hertfordshire Highways in relation to Astons Road and upper Main Avenue.