Moor Park has been a Conservation Area since 1995.

Moor Park (1958) Limited owns roads, verges and woodland areas and is the beneficiary of the restrictive covenants attached to all freehold properties on the estate.

By virtue of the covenants, owners are required to apply for consent from Moor Park (1958) Limited (the Company) when they are contemplating any re-building, extensions or other work that alters the external appearance of the property.

Permission from the Company is also required for alterations to front drives, the proportion of hard surface garden areas in front of the property, or the proposed installation of air conditioning units or solar panels.

Any proposed modifications, however minor, to verges or crossovers outside the front boundary of the property specifically require approval because these areas are owned by the Company.

Consents for property development by the Company are in addition to planning approvals required by Three Rivers District Council. As a result of Moor Park being a Conservation Area, Three Rivers District Council planning approval is required for many small developments that might be included within permitted developments elsewhere in the country. In addition, Conservation Area status requires that any felling or pruning of trees with a girth in excess of 15 centimetres requires approval from Three Rivers District Council.

Owners who are considering any development work are advised to read the Moor Park Conservation Area Appraisal which can be obtained from Three Rivers District Council or from the Moor Park (1958) Limited estate office.

Moor Park is a beautiful and peaceful area and the restrictions on building are designed to preserve the estate in the best interests of all of its residents.