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Our Design created for Mrs Sophie Hinchliffes Home.

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Limited design

After thousands of messages asking for the return of this Beauty, we are proud to announce our 2nd release.

We are proud to bring you the EXACT replica of our Design created for Mrs Sophie Hinchliffes Home.
We want to keep this GORGEOUS Display personal to Sophie so this design is Limited!

Once again, there is only 250 available!

We have created a truly irresistible display of a classic colour pallet in reflection to Mrs Hinch’s signature interior with a collaboration of Grey’s, crisp linen White and subtle Cream.

An inspiration that is the true definition of “forever beautiful”, makes this design impossible to resist.

Replica inspired by our bouquet in Mrs Sophie Hinchliffes Home.

The Display option includes our Mayfair Bubble Vase, the perfect finishing touch to show off this GORGEOUS bundle.

What's included?

Grey Pampas
Ruscus White
Cortaderia White
Phalaris White
Baby Grey Fluffy Pampas
Eucalyptus Light Grey
White Bougainvillea

To help you decide

Classic: Half the size of the displayed image
Display: Displayed image
Display with vase: Displayed image and Mayfair Bubble Vase

Care Guide

All of our collection is Dried and Preserved so they don’t require any water, placing any of these stems in water will damage the product.

To fluff your Pampas and to remove dust apply a low cool setting on the hairdryer at a distance of 25cm.

To stop the Pampas shredding apply hairspray at a 25-30cm distance from the stem.

To remove dust from our other products, use a dry cloth to wipe over the stem, please be careful as these dried beauties are delicate.

Avoid placing your Dried or Preserved stems is direct sunlight as this will change the colour of appearance.

Out of stock?

We are really sorry that if our This is Me design is currently out of stock. Feel free to leave us your details and we will make sure you are the first to know when this is available.