Planning Permission

Planning-PermissionAs a property owner in Moor Park, a resident may at some time be considering alterations or additions to a property. In addition to applying for and receiving approval from Three Rivers District Council, in the restrictive covenants included in the deeds to the property, owners also require approval from Moor Park (1958) Limited (the Company) as successors in title to the original development company.

Architects and developers should be aware of the planning guidance for development within Moor Park which is explained in the Moor Park Conservation Area Appraisal.

Three Rivers District Council encourages the use of their pre-application advice service ahead of any formal planning application. The Company strongly supports this service. Information can be found at

You may also discuss development proposals with the Company’s Consultant Architect. He will provide advice within the context of the Conservation Area Appraisal and other guidelines that govern development in Moor Park, but you should be aware that any advice or opinions expressed will be without prejudice to the final decision which will be made by the Directors of the Company after the submission of a definitive application. There is a standard charge which covers the Consultant Architect’s costs.

At or before the submission of a planning application to Three Rivers District Council, an owner must submit two copies of the same plans and a viewing fee to the Company. The viewing fee to see the Company’s consent is in addition to fees payable to Three Rivers District Council.

If an owner does not send copies of the plans, the Company will be notified of the application by Three Rivers District Council. The Company will comment on the plans as part of the statutory planning procedures administered by the Council. However, until an owner submits a formal application to the Company with accompanying drawings and any outstanding viewing fees, the Company will not grant consent to any proposals. Formal approval from the Company to extensions or alterations to a property is a requirement under the deeds and a copy of the formal consent letter will be required by a purchaser when an owner comes to sell the property.

Building development plans are viewed by the Company’s Consultant Architect and by a Director of the Company.  Comments on plans are provided to the owner and to Three Rivers District Council’s Planning Department where they become a matter of public record. If an application is refused, further submissions to the Company of a comparable nature to the original plan will be charged at half the usual rate within a twelve-month period from the original application.

If an application is approved by Three Rivers District Council, it is likely that subject to appropriate conditions relating to the development, an owner will be able to obtain approval from the Company.