Planning in the Moor Park Conservation Area

Moor Park Estate has the status of a Conservation Area.

This has significant implications for planning applications made by residents, architects, developers and builders proposing property changes including demolitions, replacements, extensions, basements, roof and window changes, new gates, and proposals affecting fences and walls, trees and hedges.  

Conservation Areas, defined by law, are: ‘areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance’.  Moor Park matches this definition, historically built on land formerly owned by owners of Moor Park Mansion, and ‘with a special visual quality created by large houses situated on individual plots with high quality landscaping, open frontages, and low walls and hedges separating gardens from estate road verges, all features of the original design.’

The Moor Park Conservation Area Appraisal (MPCAA), formally approved by Three Rivers District Council in 2006, was accepted by the Secretary of State. A copy of this document is sent to all owners, architects and developers who propose changes to Moor Park properties or land use. Proposers should study the document carefully, noting the advice given on demolitions, constructions and permitted developments. Planning applications, when reviewed by Moor Park (1958) Limited and by Three Rivers District Council, take heed of the statement in the MPCAA that ‘proposals for development shall be judged for their effect on the character, appearance and special interest of the conservation area.’

Significant relevant sections of the MPCAA that planning proposers should be aware of are:

  • demolitions, roofs, plot coverage, building frontage widths and basements. The plot coverage maximum is 15% and the building frontage maximum width is 80%.
  • roof design and heights, the location and size of dormer windows, the extent of hard-surface areas , together with advice on front boundary walls, fences, gates and the protection of trees
  • the additional level of protection given to houses erected prior to 1958 which are described as making a ‘positive contribution’ to the character of the estate.

It is intended that this information is of assistance to owners, planners and architects. To ignore it jeopardises planning applications. Developers should note that Moor Park (1958) Limited takes an active role in reviewing all applications and reports its comments and concerns to the local authority planning office.

For any further advice or guidance, and to obtain a copy of the MPCAA, contact the Moor Park (1958) Limited office.

The Directors, Moor Park (1958) Limited

February 2020