Planning Applications

Planning applications for demolitions, rebuilding, extensions and other development work to Moor Park properties should be sent to Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) planning department to make their decision on each application, and also be sent to the Planning Team at Moor Park (1958) Limited. From 1st June 2019, a summary of each planning application is to be listed on the Moor Park website (, together with comments made by the MP1958 planning team. Where the MP58 Planning Team entry is blank, this is because the proposal has not yet been reviewed. Full details of an application can be viewed on the core address of TRDC’s website ( which takes you to the home page, and then you need to click on to ‘Planning Online’ which directs you to  http.//

Residents who wish to search or comment either have to REGISTER if it is their first occasion for a visit, or LOGIN if they have previously visited and registered. Moor Park (1958) Ltd strongly encourages residents to view planning applications that have relevance to their own property or if they feel they wish to comment on any property development that causes them concern. In any communication, we urge residents to inform TRDC of their opinion of inappropriate developments so that this Company is not a solitary voice in commenting on planning applications.

In communicating with TRDC, it is essential to quote the TRDC planning application reference number and to note the closing date for any communication. You will also be asked to state the site address and your own address. Residents who offer their comments need to know that statements placed on the TRDC planning portal are in the public domain.

Comments from Moor Park residents should be sent only to TRDC and not to the Moor Park (1958) Ltd office.

Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
13 Heathside Road 21/2153/FUL 08/10/21 Partial demolition of the existing dwelling and erection of part single, part two-storey side and rear extensions with loft conversion including part increase in ridge height and alterations to vehicular access and driveway and repositioning of gates and walls to frontage.
MP58 assessment comments Strong Objections, Concerns & Comments. Pre 58 building. The full extent of works gives essentially a demolition/rebuild. Still following 4 previous attempts.  Roof plan clearly showing substantial flat-topped crown roof which is alien to the characteristics. Front dormers not common here and this is not subservient to the roof as required.  5 Velux windows to the rear is excessive.  Increase to hard-standing is excessive.
TRDC Decision   TBA 05/11/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
1 Temple Gardens 21/2914/FUL 04/10/21 Single storey lower ground floor rear extension, rear raised terrace with lower ground floor level patio, side garage extension, provision of solar panels, alterations to fenestration and associated alterations
MP58 assessment comments Objections, concerns & comments. In Green Belt. Further expansion from the 2016 extensions mean would adversely affect the openness.  Prominent bank of solar panels is fronting Temple Gardens.  Substantial excavation planned and requires confirmation that no surface water flooding or harm to underground water courses will result
TRDC Decision   TBA 03/11/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
96 Wolsey Road 21/2064/FUL 24/09/21 Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of two storey detached dwelling with accommodation in the roofspace
MP58 assessment comments Revisions to reduce the height, scale and bulk of the roof.  Should ensure levels taken relating to neighbouring properties. Large corner plot so need to be mindful of frontage limit of 80% and plot coverage of 15%.  South flank some 4 metres nearer the boundary.  Velux in the rear are likely to be viewable from the street and are incongruous.  Two rear elevation dormers should be of corelated size and suggest link to the smaller unit.  Need to clarify intentions on hard-standing, any boundary structures and trees strategy.  Look to withdraw all residential permitted development rights.
TRDC Decision   TBA 26/10/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
4 South Approach 21/1555/FUL 20/08/21 Alterations to drive to include extension to drive, alterations to levels, change to materials and introduction of brick wall to frontage
MP58 assessment comments Scale & Extent exceeds previous application [13/2090/FUL].  Intended hard-standing area considerably more than reasonably necessary, giving harsh urbanising impact. Proposed boundary wall only 900mm high but should be considered in the change to the street appearance.
TRDC Decision REFUSED 04/10/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
102 Wolsey Road 21/1887/FUL 20/08/21 Part single storey and part two storey rear extension, loft conversion including dormers to the rear, proposed alterations to the front porch and alterations to fenestration
MP58 assessment comments Objections, Concerns & Comments. Pre-58 building.  Collation of many smaller works will give significant potential for materially undermining the character and appearance.  3 rear dormers over-dominant and not subservient to the roof ridge
TRDC Decision   TBA 23/09/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
19 Astons Road 21/1713/CLPD TBA? Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed Development: -Single Storey Rear Extension
MP58 assessment comments From the plans and details shown it would appear that CLPD would be granted by TRDC. Should this not be the case then a full application would be made and assessed
TRDC Decision REFUSED 02/09/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
7 Astons Road 21/1685/FUL 04/08/21 Alterations and extensions to existing outbuilding
MP58 assessment comments Wish to ensure the replanned outbuilding is not used for unrelated purposes to the main dwelling. And need a suitably worded condition for any approval.
TRDC Decision APPROVED 07/09/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
16 Thornhill Road 21/1651/FUL 02/08/21 Alterations to the front elevation, single storey side extensions, two storey rear extensions with rear dormer windows and raise in ridge height
MP58 assessment comments STRONG OBJECTIONS, CONCERNS & COMMENTS. Follows the same lines as previously criticised PreApps that were withdrawn.  Ensure all aspects of previous response are fully addressed.  The extent of works is tantamount to demolition and would change the character and appearance demonstrably. Still extends the depth of the building on both flanks. Plot coverage and frontage width maximums to be checked and also all residential permitted development rights should be removed.  Member Call-in.
TRDC Decision WITHDRAWN 28/09/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
29 Bedford Road 21/1586/FUL 30/07/21 Demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of a replacement dwelling with associated hard and soft landscaping
MP58 assessment comments Looks to be a renewal of previously approved application 18/1072/FUL.  Should confirm that there are no changes to circumstances.
TRDC Decision APPROVED TBA 30/09/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
Moor Park Golf Club 21/1618/FUL 29/07/21 Change of use from golf course land to residential gardens and erection of open metal fencing
MP58 assessment comments Land is in the Green Belt.  The intention to enclose parcels of land with 2m high fencing to extend the 7 residential curtilages is inappropriate and a form of urban sprawl.  Impact on the grounds of Grade I Listed building and Grade II Park of historic interest.  As on the boundary of the MPCAA it will have an impact.  All permitted development rights should be removed from the plots.
TRDC Decision   TBA 27/08/21
Property Address Application Number Comments Deadline Application Details
11 Russell Road 21/1579/FUL 21/07/21 Two-storey side extension, two-storey rear extensions including insertion of rear dormer windows at loft level and construction of lower ground floor, alterations to fenestration including relocation of front entrance door, and alterations to hardstanding
MP58 assessment comments STRONGEST POSSIBLE OBJECTIONS. Pre58 property.  Scale and Massing would be overwhelming. Extension ridge height should be subservient.  Extension on full width plus the basement is effectively creating a 4-storey rear elevation.  Increase in hard-standing is excessive. Slate roof and cream render incompatible with the character and appearance on the estate.  Due to the large proposed basement there is an absolute need for a detailed flood impact assessment prior to approval.
TRDC Decision   TBA 24/08/21