The office receives periodic complaints about the use of loud speakers late at night, for example after 11.00 pm. Moor Park (1958) Limited tries to ensure that all residents are aware of their responsibilities for neighbourly behaviour but does not have any enforcement powers. Three Rivers District Council and the police are the appropriate enforcement authorities with powers to initiate action against people causing a disturbance, including contacting the property  owner to require that the noise be curtailed.

If you plan to hold a large party, please let the Moor Park (1958) Limited office know about it before the day of the activity as well as informing your neighbours as a courtesy. Please ensure that your guests park only on one side of the road, not on the verge and not in a manner to inconvenience your neighbours or create a danger to other road users. The office may discuss with you specific issues if you are on a corner location or at a junction.

Noise (music and fireworks etc) is generally only be acceptable up to 11pm (except New Year Eve, Guy Fawkes, Chinese new year and Divali when the law allows for later activities). Please consider the other residents on the Estate, with special consideration for the elderly, those with younger children and those who may need to work the following day.

If you wish to complain about noise, you can call Three Rivers District Council (01923 776611). The call will be diverted to a call centre during out-of-office hours. The Council is likely to take prompt action if they receive at least three different complaints identifying the same street name as the source of the noise.

In extreme cases, the local police may also act by attending the address and asking the home owner to turn the noise down. (Please telephone the non-emergency number 101).