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About Us

Vision: Create clarity on what a Private Estate stands for. Maintain its heritage and the foundations on which it was built but allowing for improvements and modernisations.

Mission: To work from within as a strong, dynamic community with a sense of personal responsibility for the good of the residents at large.

Moor Park is one of Greater London’s premier residential areas and home to exceptional beauty, schools and golf courses.

Moor Park (1958) Ltd is primarily an operating company constituted to take over the role of the origional developer in managing the infrastructure and assets of the Estate such as the roads, verges and open spaces in the best interests of the residents who live there. It is also the beneficiary of the restrictive covenants imposed on the houses when they were originally constructed or the plots sold and consequently is best placed to enforce these.

The Company is owned by the residents and the Directors, all unpaid, are appointed by residents from their own number. The Company’s duties are driven by its residents/shareholders, the costs for which are recoverable from contributions from each house based on the frontage of each plot to an estate road and the frontage fees are approved by the shareholders each year at the AGM.


The Chairman 

Surinder (Max) Mongia, has lived on the Estate since 1980 with his wife Aruna and 3 children. He has a highly accomplished professional career, both in the private and charity sector. Max took office as Chairman of Moor Park (1958) Ltd in 2015 with a desire to pay back the benefits he has enjoyed over the past 40 years. He established an Executive board, who meet each month, and an Estate Management office, who efficiently run the day-to-day activities of the Estate.

Max’s ambition is to bring back the ‘wow’ factor to the Estate. He acknowledges this will only happen once the heavy burden of unresolved issues is worked through. The team has spent two years working to establish the parking scheme. They have also negotiated the agreements with MTS and the Prep School merger situation. Ongoing challenges include the control of unauthoriesed vehicles on our roads, proposing the installation of sophisticated IT to deter trespass.

The Directors:

Devender Arora: Finance Director. Due to COVID-19, 2020 will not have an AGM. Notification will be given when the next AGM is scheduled. Financially we have utilised our reserves for the various projects to-date, managing to keep frontage charges unchanged. September 2020 accounts will be audited in time for the next AGM.

Sunny Chadha has the remit of security, traffic and parking, ably assisted by Steve and Gill in the office. His aim is to ensure we all continue to enjoy a safe and pleasant living environment. Various initiatives are being investigated to achieve this goal; night-security, enhanced traffic monitoring, barrier closures, traffic diversion and increased CCTV and software solutions.

Pamela Leigh External Communications Director. Pamela has lived on the estate for over 12 years. She led a rewarding and varied professional career as a Change Management Consultant in the Banking, Government and Medical sectors. Through her MP role she aims to develop and nurture successful relationships within Moor Park as well as in the wider community.

Gordon Mizner is a long-standing Moor Park (1958) Director, since 2012. He is responsible for the Estates roads. His objective is to manage the estates most manageable asset, to provide good quality driving surface in the most cost effective manner. To this end, we have had a maintenance and re-surfacing strategy in place since 2013 and are close to completing the first cycle. Road maintenance will continue in the years to come.

Shafiq Parwaz is academically and professionally specialised in digital systems and is perfectly placed to implement the technology for the control and management of the daily Estates traffic. He has worked on the upgradable street lighting, ensuring the conservation of energy and cost. His latest project involves the implementation of new telecommunication systems to deliver improved quality of life with security for the residents on the Estate.

Jay Soneji: Legal Director

Subhash Thakrar is a new member to the board and has been tasked to build close links with the London Underground, the Parish Coucil and dealing with a neglected property on the Estate. It is early days, yet what he would like to achieve is to add value in governance and fairness of Moor Park 58. There is a lot more for us to do, to his mind the main objective is to maintain a unique Private Estate and look for new ideas and technology to improve the quality and security of its residents.

Elaine M. Tooke is a great asset as a chartered surveyor who is jointly responsible for planning matters. She has extensive commercial and residential planning experience in renowned firms, as well as lecturing in both Real Estate and Planning to undergraduates. She says “We are all very privileged to live in such a beautiful area and environment with a community spirit that has really shone out this year. We need to work to together to maintain this for future generations to love and enjoy”.

Andrew Turner is a chartered surveyor who aims to maintain the quality and prestige of the Private Estate from a planning point-of-view, within the guidelines of the Conservation Area Appraisal 2006. He works to prevent the overdevelopment of Moor Park as a whole. He very much supports the idea of limiting house size on each plot and overall frontage. The Murco site at the rear of Main Avenue is under his watchful eye to ensure the eyesore is developed successfully. He continues the dialogue with the parties involved, to bring a conclusion to this ongoing problem.

Ronnie Walia’s role on the board is primarily to manage the office and its smooth running. The key components are the two full-time staff that we employ, Stephen Davis and Gill Colton. They are the front of office who residents will have most communication with. Ronnie made these successful appointments 5 years ago in his capacity as HR Director. He hopes to be a resident for many years with his wife and twin girls.


Gill Colton, Assistant Estate Manager has worked with Steve in the Moor Park office for over four years. Prior to having her family, Gill worked as a PA for many large corporations. She says, ‘no two days are the same and I love meeting the residents and being able to offer them whatever help I can and to support the Directors to ensure their aims for the Estate are achieved’.

Stephen Davis, Estate Manager, has had a varied professional career. Stephen spent 21 years with Nationwide Building Society in the retail side implanting his principles and computer skills. He excels in Customer service and facilities Management culminating in the role of Estate Manager at Moor Park (1958) Limited in 2015.

Winifred P Kudish has dedicated years to ensure the Spinney is well kept. Through her efforts alone, many of us have enjoyed walking through this fabulous part of Moor Park. Sadly for health reasons, she has had to withdraw from her role. Nothing would delight her more than finding another green-fingered resident to step up to maintain the Spinney. If interested call the Moor Park Office.

Bill Metcalfe assists the board with programmes to maintain the existing trees and to plant new trees in the gaps that arise when dead or decaying trees have been felled. The aim is to ensure that the many beautiful trees on the estate are in keeping with original planning and the attractive views along the tree-lined roads remain a major feature of Moor Park.


What does the Private Estate of Moor Park stand for (taken from the views of the Directors and Estate Managers)?
Of course, Moor Park is a safe, beautiful, well-kept environment. But the same could be said of many other Private Estates. In thinking about what we stand for, we wondered if we could find something unique, or at least pertinent to assert our identity. Innovation is important to us, as we are constantly striving to find new ways to do better. As a community we display confidence, inspiration and joy. This is not a community that stands still. Innovation and proactive determination to keep the heritage and foundation on which MP was built, allowing for improvements and modernisation.



Rememberance Day: £1,519.00 was raised for the Royal British Legion in support of Rememberance Day. Well done and thank you!

Security: For any emergency situations, call the police on 999. For other security concerns, such as loiterers, speeding cars, unusual vehicles observing the property or bogus visitors call Mohamed: 07749441240 or Karim: 07749441469 depending on your street allocation. Ref: Estate Manager email, 20.10.2020.


Noise: Gardeners & Builders – weekday work we request does not begin before 8am and on Saturdays, not before 9am, finishing by 5:30pm, Saturdays 1pm. Work on Sundays and bank holidays is not permitted.

Speeding: There is a speed limit of 20mph on the estate. Please drive considerately, both for your safety and your fellow residents.

Right of Access: The 6.5 miles of Moor Park roads are private, i.e. they are the property of the company and have limited rights of access. The exceptions are, Astons Road and Upper Main Avenue which are public roads. Both Golf Courses’s are private property, with designated walking routes. Residents are requested to stay on the paths for their own safety.


Bonfires: Burning of building materials is toxic and prohibited by the Estate. Green garden waste should be composted or recycled. Bonfires cause smoke nuisance and prevent neighbours from opening windows or enjoying garden time. Do not leave bonfires unattended and instruct your gardners accordingly.
High-hedges: Hedges to be kept lower than 3 meters high.



By Jon Rippier

Merchant Taylors’ is blessed with a wonderful campus and has always been keen to ensure these facilities are widely shared in the community. Moor Park 10km took place, facilitated by MTS with nearly 400 runners, keeping the appropriate distance from one another partaking. This raised substantial sums for the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and Lynda Jackson MacMillian Centre. The school is also delighted to offer its facilities to children with a passion for sport. The ‘Warrior’ pitches are used weekly, regularly by Northwood Youth Football Club, the tennis courts, multi-use gym area, hockey pitches and cricket nets are all in regular use. The school is the home of Middlesex Youth Cricket, which will hopefully reopen once Covid restrictions are lifted.
Another popular destination are the school lakes, featured in the Evening Standard as one of the ‘top five open water swimming spots in London’. This can be pre-booked for a small charge.

MTS are proud of their diverse pupil body and was delighted to host Eid celebrations for 1200 worshippers. We will continue to look for new and diverse ways to reach out to all in our local community and ensure our site is widely accessible.

By Gerd Simonsen

As I write this in late August, it feels as though we’ve all been through an incredible change. Something that none of us have ever seen before. Early March hit us like a bolt out of the blue. Panic struck our doors as Mr Khanna (Moor Park Fine Foods) and I at the Pharmacy struggled in meeting our customers’ demands. We plodded on however, helping and supporting the community in which ever way we could. The staff and shop environment changed as if out of a sci-fi movie, with visors, aprons and masks becoming a part of our attire and the smell of bleach and hand sanitizer becoming a norm. The Moor Park community were outstanding in their support and resilience, helping us to deliver medicines and shopping to the shielding and vulnerable. It really felt as if we were all one big family and we thank you all for this.

Sadly, we have lost some of our own through the crisis and we extended our sincere condolonces to their families. As we pass to the next phase, we hope for the safety of our customers and urge you all to keep safe, follow the guidelines and keep and eye on your health and wellbeing. Remember to exercise regularly, eat well and taking medicines on time.
As always, here to help in any way we can.


Moor Park and Eastbury brought together a new wave of community spirit in response to COVID-19. Ramneek, Sabrina Mahatani and Naomi Bhundia, along with 40 volunteers, set up Coronavirus Community Help. This was part of a larger Mutual Aid. A food bank was set up in Astons Road supplying 2,115 people, averaging 44,415 meals between April and July. They were also able to support families from a local disability school in Oxhey. An overwhelming response all 104 children received toys and gifts at this very difficult time. BCC, TRDC and W3RT provided tremendous support. CCH has disbanded but continues to help local residents with shopping, essential errands and keeping in touch. The community donation hub remains open at 36 Astons Road, HA6 2LD – 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.


Eastbury – Moor Park — Rickmansworth

The future look and feel of Moor Park will be affected by the outcome of the local Neighbourhood Plan, as well as the amount of planning permission awarded on the adjascent green field sites. Please take a minute to log onto the local neighbourhood plan website: https://batchworth.commonplace.is/ to comment on how to shape the future of our local area. If you can, sign up to be a part of the local focus group to discuss this further at: www.batchworthplan.org.uk/focusandsteering-group



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