New tree planting – it’s your choice

Each year, Moor Park residents see diseased trees being taken down, new ones planted and top-heavy trees being lopped and trimmed.  For example in 2019, 26 trees were felled, 46 were trimmed and 42 new ones were planted.

Moor Park (1958) Ltd seeks to retain and enhance the tree-lined verges that are such an attractive feature of the estate. But digging a hole and planting a young tree is no guarantee of success. Newly planted trees need care and attention to ensure their survival.

The Moor Park Board is advised by consultants on all aspects of tree care – including planting,  trimming and felling.  The Board also welcomes advice and help from residents on the care of our trees.  In particular, residents are asked to assist by:

  • informing the MP58 office of locations where a tree could be planted
  • regularly watering any newly planted trees near their properties.

Our trees are a major factor in giving Moor Park its unique environmental quality. Let us all work together to keep it that way.