Living In Moor Park

This section covers a range of topics which relate to the responsibilities and the enjoyment of Moor Park residents, neighbours and visitors.

Car Emblems
Cars belonging to individual Members and garaged on the Estate are entitled to a car emblem (currently green), which allows full rights of use over Estate roads . . click here to read more
Conservation and garden trees
As well as trees under the protection of the Company, there are hundreds of additional trees in Members’ gardens. They are the responsibility of the resident-owner . . click here to read more
Decline and fall – and renewal
Although there are a few older trees (mainly oaks) which pre-date the development of the Estate, the majority of the trees are contemporary with the various phases . . click here to read more
Gardens, verges, footpaths and gullies
The gardens, verges and footpaths of Moor Park add greatly to its attractiveness. However, they also bring their responsibilities. Changes to the layout of the . . click here to read more
One of the features of the Estate is that there is very little on-road parking. The general parking restriction applying to the private roads of the Estate is that parking . . click here to read more
Parking Enforcement
Parking on the majority of the Estate’s private roads is enforced by ticketing. Parking restriction signs are displayed at the Estate entrances and in areas where . . click here to read more
Parties and Noise
The office receives periodic complaints about the use of loud speakers late at night, for example after 11.00 pm. Moor Park (1958) Limited tries to ensure . . click here to read more
Roads and Access Control
There are about 6.5 miles of road in Moor Park and most of these roads are ‘private’ in that they are the property of the Company and vehicles have limited rights . . click here to read more
Security is a shared responsibility between residents, the Company and the police. Residents are advised to follow police advice on securing their premises and vehicles . . click here to read more
Moor Park’s trees contribute greatly to the attractive ambience of the Estate, a feature often commented on by visitors and residents. The Company looks after . . click here to read more
Trees Strategy
The Company believes that its trees play a major role in guaranteeing the verdant environment of the Estate. To assist the Company in this duty it engages the assistance . . click here to read more