Homes, Gardens and Animals

Business and Trade from private homes
The deeds of your property prevent any business, trade or profession from being conducted from any residence on the Estate.The current interpretation of this rule is that the following activities are unacceptable:

  • customers, suppliers or business partners systematically visiting your residence for the purpose of your business activities
  • storage, delivery or dispatch of business assets, materials or stock in trade
  • employees of your business working from your residence
  • parking on drives of business vehicles such as a van bearing a company name.

Subject to these factors, it is perfectly acceptable for residents to work from home (including having a room designated as a home office).

Gardeners, garden waste and litter
Many residents employ gardeners. Please wherever possible do not allow professional gardeners to work at your property in the evening, on Saturday afternoons or at any time on Sundays. This is to reduce the noise and impact on your neighbours of power tools that gardeners often use.

The dumping of garden refuse on the common areas of the Estate harms the quality look and feel of Moor Park.. Please ensure that your gardeners are instructed not to dispose of grass cuttings, branches or other garden waste in any of the common areas or on to the roads and gutters..

It is in all our interests to maintain the Estate free from litter. While the Estate staff and contractors remove a large amount of litter each week and the Residents’ Association organises working parties to collect litter, all residents are politely requested to assist by collecting and disposing of litter in their vicinity.

The Company receives many complaints about bonfires. We have no strict regulations, but simply ask residents to be mindful of their neighbours. If you must have a bonfire, please try to minimise the smoke nuisance as this can prevent your neighbours from enjoying time in their gardens.. Please try to avoid having a bonfire on warm days or evenings when neighbours may want to have their windows open. Please do not leave bonfires unattended and instruct your gardeners accordingly.

Dogs are a frequent cause of complaint. Our guidance is to encourage residents to observe a reasonable balance of interests between the dog owner and other residents. Please use a dog lead and do not allow your dog to roam the streets unaccompanied. If your dog fouls the footpaths or verges please use a bag to pick up and dispose of the mess. Please try to avoid a situation where your dog may be barking persistently in your garden for a long period of time.

Horse riding on the EstateWe have historically allowed horses from outside the Estate to be ridden on Estate roads as long as they do not inconvenience residents. Riders should keep on the roads and off the verges, and may not use either the open areas or the woodlands. There is an increasing problem of mess caused by horses inconveniencing residents and if riders do not take adequate measures to clear up any mess the concession to allow horses to be ridden on Estate roads may be suspended. Horses on no account should be left unattended.

Filming or commercial photography of any kind is not permitted on any of the private roads of the Estate. Permission from Three Rivers District Council is required to film or commercially photograph on Astons Road and upper Main Avenue.