The Moor Park (1958) Ltd office receives many complaints from residents on the days and hours worked by professional gardeners employed by residents, and also on the noise created by various types of garden machinery. In recent weeks the volume of complaints has increased, and in particular the use of leaf blowers which are often at full throttle from 7am and after 6pm and at weekends. Lawnmowers and cutting machinery also create a racket. Furthermore, professional gardeners/contractors are seen to be at work on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays.

Moor Park (1958) has a clear policy on times worked and noise levels. Advice is given in the Members’ Handbook, 2016 edition, section 19. We feel it necessary to draw your attention to the advice in the Members’ Handbook and would request you to observe it. The advice is as follows:

‘Please wherever possible do not allow professional gardeners to work at your property in the evening, on Saturday afternoons or at any time on Sundays. This is to reduce the noise and impact on your neighbours of power tools that gardeners often use.’

We emphasise the timings for professional gardeners:

‘On weekdays we request that gardeners do not begin work before 8am and on Saturdays not before 9.00am. On weekdays they should finish by 5:30pm. On Saturdays they should finish by 1.00pm and should be requested not to work at all on Sundays and on Bank Holidays.’

It is the responsibility of the property owner to observe these times, not the gardeners. We would therefore be grateful if you would check the contracts made with your gardeners or given to them orally, and require them not to work outside the hours indicated above. Residents who are their own gardeners are of course entirely free to decide on the timings of their gardening activities but we would ask you to be considerate to your neighbours especially when social activities are taking place.

Complaints about noise should be made to the Environmental Services Department of Three Rivers District Council: 01923 776611.

Bonfires are another cause of constant complaint. Please do not create a bonfire at weekends or at other times when the weather is fine and residents are likely to be outdoors. Our guidelines suggest that any bonfire should not last any longer than one hour.

Thank you for your consideration and help.

The Board of Moor Park (1958) Limited
25 June 2018

updated June 12 2020