Cars belonging to individual members who live and own a house on the Estate are entitled to a Members’ green emblem, which allows them full  rights of access over the Estate roads.

Other regular users of the roads may be supplied with different coloured emblems, which indicate access for specific purposes such as visitors and trades.

All emblems are numbered and apply only to the vehicle for which they have been issued. An application form is available from the Office and you will be required to provide the vehicle registration number, make, model and colour. You may also be requested to provide evidence of ownership, to ensure that the issue of emblems does not extend beyond people who are entitled to use the Estate roads.

All emblems should be displayed on the windscreen in a clearly visible position. When you change your vehicle, please destroy the old emblem and advise the office so that the old vehicle’s details can be removed from our system and the new vehicle’s details can be entered.

The issue and display of an emblem serves two purposes:

  1. It demonstrates that the use of the road is
    permitted for that particular vehicle.
  2. It assists our security guards in identifying
    the vehicle when checking traffic at Estate
    entrances or monitoring vehicles around the

Members’ Emblems

If you are a member of Moor Park (1958) Ltd and own and live in a house on the Estate, you should display a Members’ green emblem.

To apply, please click here

Community Emblems

If you are a tenant or work in one of the offices or shops on the Estate, you should display a Community emblem.

To apply, please click here

Trade Emblems

If you are a gardener, domestic help, or builder working for residents on the Estate, you should display a Trade emblem.

To apply, please click here

Please note: it is the members’ responsibility to advise the office when trades are no longer working for them, so that their emblems can be removed from our system.

Temporary Visitor Emblems

If you have a relative or friend living on the Estate who you visit on a regular basis, you should display a Temporary Visitor emblem.

To apply, please click here

School Emblems

A Moor Park emblem is required to grant access to the private roads on the Estate by parents/guardians travelling to and from the Merchant Taylors’ School. Those who wish to use the entrances/exits, other than via Sandy Lodge Lane (adjacent to the Esso service station), should apply for emblems.

Please note: School emblems are valid for one academic year only. The current fee is £40 per academic year for up to two emblems. Any replacements are charged at £20 per emblem.

All school applications will be verified with the school before emblems are issued.

To apply, please contact the school.