Decline and fall – and renewal of Trees

Although there are a few older trees (mainly oaks) which pre-date the development of the Estate, the majority of the trees are contemporary with the various phases of development of the Estate which began in the 1930s. The character of the earlier phases of tree planting on the Estate concentrated on larger species in avenues consisting of single species. This has resulted in very significant landscape features of generally high quality but some trees are now declining due to changing conditions and previously unknown diseases.

The character of the more recent areas of development in the southern part of the Estate is for more mixed planting of larger and smaller species which do not have the same visual impact or benefits of earlier (1930s) planting.

The planting of new trees and the maintenance of existing trees within the ownership of the Company will follow the strategic objectives of providing sustainable high quality trees which maintain or enhance the established character of the Estate and provide benefits to residents.