Company Information

companyCopies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company can be obtained from the Company office, but the following notes give an informal summary of the main points. All freehold householders in the Estate are or may apply to become Members of the Company (but with a limitation to one Member per house). Membership of the Company entitles the Member to attend General Meetings of the Company and vote on any resolutions requiring Member approval such as the setting of the annual frontage contribution rate. Each Member has one vote on a show of hands and one vote per foot of frontage on a vote by poll.

The Company may appoint up to 12 Directors. All Directors must be Moor Park residents. One third of the Directors must retire each year and may offer themselves for re-election together with any other resident who may be nominated.

If there is a vacancy on the Board, a new Director may be appointed by the Board during the course of the year to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting, when the appointment is subject to the approval of the Members.

The Chairman of the Company is elected by the Board of Directors.

The Directors (including the Chairman) receive no remuneration; they give their time and expertise entirely free. In general, income is obtained by means of annual contributions from the Members that are based on the road frontage length of each property. The rate of contribution per foot of frontage can only be changed by a Resolution at a General Meeting.