What to do if you are buying a house
Your solicitor should check with Moor Park (1958) Ltd that there are no outstanding invoices due for Moor Park charges and that consent has been given for all development work carried out on the property. Annual frontage contributions are paid for 12 months in advance each October, so normally as part of the completion settlement you will pay the seller pro-rata for the balance of the year from your completion date to the end of September. You will apply to become a member of Moor Park (1958) Ltd, paying the membership transfer fee of £150 and a membership certificate will be issued to you after approval by the directors.
What you should do if you sell your house
Membership of the Company is linked to freehold ownership of properties on the Estate. Membership is designed to be passed on to a new owner when the house is sold. However unless you take action to pass the Membership on to a new owner of your house, you will remain a Member of the Company and continue to be liable to pay the annual frontage charge. So, if you sell your house it is in your own interests to ensure that the agreement for the new owner to become a Member is made a condition of the sale. If this does not happen you could remain legally responsible for payment of the annual contribution to the Company even if you have left the area.

After agreeing a sale, you should provide the Moor Park office with the name of the purchaser, together with the contact details of your solicitor and the purchaser’s solicitor. This will enable the appropriate paperwork to be done to transfer your Membership as part of the sale contract and ensure that transfer occurs on completion of the sale.

What you should do if you rent out your house
If you decide to rent out your house, please ensure that you let the Company office have details of your address so that you still receive all mail relevant to Members of the Company. Please also let us know the name of the new residents and any management company you may be using. You should also be clear with your renters whether you or they will be paying the annual frontage contribution, although from the Company’s perspective you will remain the Member and legally liable in the event that the frontage contribution is not paid. If you fail to provide appropriate contact information, there is a risk that communications about your property and Membership may not reach you. For example if your annual frontage charge bill does not reach you and is not paid, the Company does resort to legal action to recover unpaid charges.