Building-OperationsThese are typical conditions that apply to any building operations on a property. In each case the location of the property and the type of development being planned determines the specific conditions applicable to a development.The Company is committed to seeking a balance between reasonable developments and minimal impact on neighbours. While some disturbance to neighbours and other residents is inevitable, the following principles are designed to avoid unreasonable disturbance. Each planning consent defines the roads and the routes that heavy vehicles must use for access to the building works.

  • Weekday working must be limited to the hours between 8.00am and 5.30pm and on Saturdays the working hours are 9.00 to 1.00pm. No work is to be carried out outside these hours or on Sundays or on Bank holidays. Breaches of these hours of working are contrary to the Company’s rules and regulations and in addition may result in prosecution under the Control of Pollution Act. Nuisances should be referred to the Residential Standards Manager at Three Rivers District Council.
  • All building materials are to be kept within the perimeter of the owner’s land. Verges are to be kept free of building materials. Where there is a risk of damage to the Company’s verges, kerbs or drains, they should be protected by boards which will reduce the cost of any restoration or repairs required by the Company to be carried out by the owner. Placement of protective boards does not entitle builders to place building materials or excavation material on verges.
  • Builders should be instructed in writing that they must not place signs on the Company’s verges, nor place skips or material on the Company’s roads or verges. Prominent advertising boards in gardens or on hoardings are disallowed.
  • Parking: a large number of complaints are received by the Company from residents on the impact caused by parked vehicles associated with building developments. All builders’ vehicles should normally be parked within the bounds of the property, as should any vehicles belonging to the owner. Builders’ vehicles should never be parked on verges unless the Company has specifically agreed to it as the least obtrusive option. If, because of the nature of building work, an owner wishes to have builders’ vehicles regularly parked on the Company’s roads during the term of the development, then the owner must seek explicit approval from the Company for parking. If parking is approved, it will be for a limited number of vehicles and in a restricted location and on one side of the road only. Owners should ensure that their architect or site foreman knows about these restrictions as owners will be held responsible for the actions of builders.
  • Hoardings to secure a building site during construction works are sometimes necessary as a temporary deviation from the rule for open frontages. Hoardings should be kept neat and not extend on to the Company’s verges. Approval for hoardings will only be given for the period of active building work.