Brighter days are here at last. Will there actually be a June heatwave? The Met Office says confidence in forecasting is low in early June, which is usual during Spring and early Summer. However, the weather looks set to take a turn for the better, with warmer and drier conditions on the way for most. If you aren’t relying on the British weather for a holiday and intend jetting off, with non-essential travel finally allowed for the first time this year, enjoy, things are looking up!

Traffic Roadblocks…

During half term week we will be carrying out road blocks across the Estate to prevent rat runners traversing our roads.  This is part of the Company’s initiative to reduce unauthorised traffic. You would have received an email from the office providing full details.  There is likely to be unavoidable disruption for residents between 1-4 June, however we hope the end goal will be worth it. This morning’s monitoring saw numerous vehicles redirected off the estate or turning back before reaching the guards. Thanks to Steve Davis and the LSS team for getting up extra early to set up and oversee the exercise.


We are pushing as best we can on progressing the development of the Murco site, and having regular discussions with the developer to assist where we can to make this happen. Planning permission has been sought, but the request for a very large social housing contribution as well as the normal CIL contribution, could well jeopardise the progression of the scheme. We severely hope that common sense will prevail for the benefit of the whole of Moor Park, and that all parties in particular TRDC and the developer, can provide a solution to enable this dereliction to be removed.  There have been 28 comments in support and 7 comments against this development, including one complaining about lack of privacy to the dental clinic. For over 40 years this Murco site has remained a totally unacceptable eyesore in Moor Park. No one can be happy to overlook the derelict site which is a dumping ground for fly tipping, had a stolen car set on fire on it more recently, and has an ongoing problem with rat infestation close to local restaurants. For a Conservation area, the proposed development will be sympathetic and enhance the surrounding area. The Architects have put forward a considered and appropriate scheme after much discussion with a MP58 planning consultant, managing to design something as appropriate as possible within the area available. Our request is for residents to actively support this application in greater numbers. Please approve this scheme and remove this eyesore, it cannot be allowed to continue, and has been in planning for over 4 months.

Phone signal…

Several residents have commented on the variability on phone signal on the Estate.  Whilst there is no clear-cut answer as to which of the main providers give best coverage, it appears Vodafone is currently poor due to ongoing maintenance works. They have said that refunds would be available from now until August. Many people rely on the back-up Wi-Fi calling facility to make calls within the home but sharing this sort of information is important so we can all benefit.

Broadband /connectivity…

MP58’s ultimate goal is to install 10 to 100 gig GPON technology across the Estate as soon as possible. In order to achieve this, we may have to install our own fibre optic cables. Detailed surveys of the current infrastructure are to be carried out over the next 2-3 weeks. The results of which will guide us on the best way forward. We are also considering alternative solutions available from BT/Openreach who offer speeds of up to 1Gig. This will satisfy most household’s current needs but not necessarily their future needs. Initial research suggests costs vary and are largely dependent on demand. BT quoted £2115.12 per household if total of 49 houses place a collective order. If 552 houses order collectively the cost per household is £504.16. Delivery and installation may be available within 6- 8 months, subject to confirmation from BT.

In the longer term, we would ideally look to offer a whole range of services on the Estate for which we will require a larger bandwidth. Hence, the focus on the practicality of installing 10 to100 gig. This will ensure superfast internet across the Estate, easily supporting telephony, video on demand services, Netflix, TV services such as Sky and many more. Delivery and installation for this option should potentially take around a year to implement, with very little disruption to households.

Please share your experience of phone signal/broadband /connectivity speeds and reliability on the Estate via the MP office. This will allow us to gain a fuller picture of what residents are dealing with when working from home.

Scam Update…

There are a lot of variations of scams, which do evolve on a regular basis, the vast majority if not all involve Social Engineering – Appealing to emotions, leveraging urgency and authority – and it’s crucial that we raise awareness of that ‘well-trodden path’ as it’s called because once you are attuned to looking out for those signs, it’s easier to identify a scam regardless of what type of one it is. On average there is over 600 victims per month in Hertfordshire losing many thousands of pounds.

Typical scams in circulation

  1. Scammers posing as Police Officers/Staff/Banking Officials.
  2. HMRC monies owing or refunds
  3. Dating websites – Romance scams. Exploiting vulnerable, lonely members of our society during Lockdown.
  4. Spoof emails asking to click on links
  5. Post office/ courier texts demanding payment for wrong postage. – This is a double scam whereby payment is demanded to redeliver a parcel. Then a few days later the victim is called by a scammer purporting to be from their bank, and they are told they were victim of a scam (which they were), but because this is a truth the victim believes them and then potentially parts with further money via a Push Payment.
  6. Virgin Media network and account issues
  7. Amazon prime accounts
  8. Courier Fraud – when a victim (often elderly or MH concerns) will be contacted and told they need to move their money out of their account as they have been subject to a scam/investigation. They then arrange to meet with that individual to collect the money they take out of the account.

With large unusual payments or requests to take money out of a branch, the Banking Protocol will be enacted by banking staff whom inform the Police of potentially fraudulent activity

Please report all scams to Action Fraud on the following link:

Litter pick… save the date

Sunday July 4th at Midday

Moor Park Residents Association are planning a litter pick. Everyone is welcome!

Meet at the Merchant Taylors School Cricket pitches for a quick bite to eat from Gully’s Ultimate Indian Street Food Truck before we head off.  Ice Creams will be available for all after the event, and there will be Prizes for the family who picks the most litter!

Equipment will be provided.

We look forward to seeing you and to cleaning up Moor Park together.

Download the PDF Here


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