AccessThere are about six and a half miles of road in Moor Park and most of these roads are ‘private’ in that they are the property of the company and have limited rights of access. The exceptions are Astons Road and the upper section of Main Avenue (west of Wolsey Road) which are public roads and maintained by Hertfordshire Highways.

There is a speed limit of 20mph on all the private roads of the Estate. There is no general right of public access over the private roads. However, visitors to the Estate may use any of the Estate roads to gain access to a residential property or to use the businesses on lower Main Avenue or  for access to the London Underground station. There are specific limited access rights relating to the two schools and to Sandy Lodge Golf Club. In all cases these access rights are defined in the deeds or in agreements with the particular organisations.

Access to Moor Park Estate is from several entrances. At the Tolpits Lane entrance there is a manned Gatehouse with automatic barriers controlling entry. At other entrances there are barriers which are occasionally manned. All barriers are connected to the company’s cameras, recording vehicles entering and leaving the Estate.

Some drivers seek to use the Estate for unauthorised access in order to travel between Tolpits Lane, Hampermill Lane or Batchworth Lane. The company has security cameras at all of the main entrances to Moor Park ; the cameras have speed monitoring functions which enable the security guards to identify and stop vehicles that have been driven across the Estate without any legitimate business.

The repair and upkeep of private roads is one of the largest costs in the company’s budget. Estate roads were originally laid down to a lower standard than major highways so heavy lorries cause severe damage which have to be repaired as part of the rolling programme of road maintenance.